Which fork goes where?

This is not my most environmental statement of the day: I love the dishwasher.

But it’s true, because the existence of this appliance means that I don’t have to wash each item by hand and then put them away one at a time. It appeals to the lazy in me.

Unfortunately, lazy me still has to unload when it’s done. One way I have found to ease the peskiness of this task is to house the silverware with like items in the dishwasher bins.

Forks on the left, spoons on the right. Big in back, small in front. Knives in the middle.

It doesn’t take any longer to load dirty ones this way and it saves the annoyance of having to sort the clean ones on the unload.

It’s just a few seconds of time, but somehow this little efficiency makes the chore more bearable. In the end, I can use those extra few seconds to go do something good for the environment.

3 responses to “Which fork goes where?

  1. Susan Bard

    Just like your tip for separating flatware in dishwasher to ease unloading, I like to run laundry loads of just socks and undies. Simplifies sock rematching and sorting by family members. No more hidden lone socks tucked in my workout clothes and discovered in a public setting!! Lol. Look forward to trying your dishwasher tip although a little harder in my Miele which has a shelf (not bins). Thanks

  2. Joy

    This is NOT a good tip! You need to separate the like utensils by mixing them up as you place them into the basket. This will prevent the spoons, knives and forks from nesting into one another (which would keep them from getting clean).

    Read more: How to Load Utensils in a Dishwasher | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6324613_load-utensils-dishwasher.html#ixzz2BjfW2DCi

    • Thanks for the tip Joy! I think there are benefits to both ways of doing it. The utensils do get clean if you group them together, as long as you are mindful of them not nesting into each other. It’s best not to fill the dishwasher so much that there is not space for the utensils to get the water flow through them.

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